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Air-Ride Hitches


Air Ride HitchTM Trailer Hitches



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Reasons to purchase this hitch:

  •  Smooth Towing (80% Smoother)

  •  Safer Towing (75% Safer)

  •  Better braking, traction and steering control

  •  Prevents damage to tow equipment from “Heavy Duty”     suspensions

  •  Keeps your warranty valid if you have frame or side wall problems

  •  Reduces physical damage to livestock and trailer contents

  •  Reduces driver and passenger fatigue on long trips

  •  Cheaper Tow Insurance




The bottom line is the ride. Enjoy an 80% smoother ride and a 75% safer tow. Driver fatigue is greatly      reduced and your family, friends, and animals will enjoy the smoother, less bouncy ride. The wear and tear on your truck and trailer will be greatly reduced.


You can add air springs to the truck and to the trailer, but this will not fix the problem if you still have a hard connection hitch. Fix the problem at the source, with our Air Ride Trailer Hitches you do not need air suspension on the trailer or truck unless you just want all the comfort you can get and don’t mind paying for it.


The Air Ride Hitch is a lasting investment as it can be easily transferred to a new vehicle and give you years and years of good service.


The one thing that can't be shown  on the website is just how well built these Air Ride hitches are.   One of my trailer customers ordered one and when I saw it , I was so impressed (and I'm not easily impressed by factory built goods),  I signed up as a dealer.   Air hitches have been around for some time,  but the level of quality provided by Air Hitch Technology is the perfect answer to Alaska's rough roads.  - Brett, Bulletproof Industries







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